Thursday, May 16, 2013

365 Project: Week Five

This is the fourth floor of our Virginia house, which I don't think I've ever showed on the blog.  It's a loft space in the master bedroom that we used as an office.  With a fireplace and skylights, it's a lovely space and it was a big selling point for us when we bought the house.  I don't think we really used it as much as we intended, though, and it ended up being a big gathering place for clutter.  It was nice to have it finally tidied up.

Tuck.  I think this was the day we got a contract on our Virginia house.  We'd learned the previous week that we'd gotten the West Virginia house we wanted, so things were definitely moving forward on the real estate front.  Looking back, it feels like it all went so smoothly, but of course it felt anything but at the time.

We went down to my parents' for the night because the inspection at our house was scheduled for the following day.  

Tuck enjoying the brisk January temperature.

An oh-crap-I-need-to-take-a-photo photo:  Mr. E in his lounging outfit.

Tuck.  (Goodness, this was a big Tuck week, wasn't it?)

Tuck as Superman.  Mr. E left for West Virginia that evening because he needed to start his new job the next day.  So this was the beginning of my single-parent-during-the-week period. 

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  1. With a fireplace and skylight, that space is probably one of the best place to relax and bond with your family. I can imagine how warm this space is! I hope you'll find a way to make full use of this space, Elle. :)