Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 Project: Week Forty-Seven

Still plugging along with the last few weeks of last year's 365 Project.  Life is pretty busy with our big move looming on the horizon, but I'm doing another 365 this year.  Once you're in the habit of getting out your camera every day, it's kind of hard to stop.

Spaghetti face.

I gathered a bunch of pine cones in the back yard of our apartment when we lived in Birmingham as newlyweds.  Six years later they're still in good shape, and I still display them in a big hurricane vase every fall.

We spent the day before Thanksgiving traveling to Minnesota to Aunt G's house.  This is Tuck hanging out at our gate at Dulles.  The flight was AWESOME because I sat across from Mr. E, the kids, and their iPad.  Nobody bothered me and I read a book, just like the old days.

Thanksgiving.  This is Aunt G's yard and her newly renovated house in the background.

A vase in Aunt G's living room.  Isn't that yellow wall amazing?  We spent most of this day driving from Minnesota to Chicago with Mr. E's parents.  Six hours in the car with the kids = not fun.

Making dumpling skins with Ah-Gong.  Tuck got really into it.

Sunday we checked out the train display at the Morton Arboretum and then had lunch at Portillo's.

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