Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's Move....

I haven't finished posting all my 365 Project photos from 2012, but I'm skipping ahead to today's photo to make an announcement.

We're moving!  To the mountains.  Mr. E has accepted a job in Charleston, West Virginia and we'll be calling that city home in a month or two.

This was a really tough decision for us.  It's a great career opportunity for Mr. E, and we'd been talking about trying out a different part of the country.  But it takes us away from family and friends.  And we don't know anyone in Charleston; neither of us has ever been there.  (Mr. E has never even set foot in West Virginia!)  It's obviously a very different city than our current one.  So it's a gamble.  And a bit scary.  But it feels right. 

We're heading there this weekend to scout things out and look at some houses.  Right now, the plan is to sell our home here and buy one there, although that's subject to change.  I've already shed tears at the thought of leaving this house, and I'm sure there will be more to come.  But I'm excited at the prospect of settling into a new place and making it our own.

One night the other week after Mr. E had gotten the job offer and we were about 80 percent sure we were going to do this, I spotted the print above on this blog and immediately bought it on Etsy.  It's the very first thing I've purchased for our yet-to-be-found next home.

To the mountains* we go!

* Charleston is located in the Kanawha Valley, so technically we're not exactly moving to "the mountains."  But in my mind, West Virginia = mountains, so there you go.


  1. Congratulations! I hope your family thrives in the mountains! (mountains, valleys, same difference...)

  2. Love the print and so appropriate for your move!