Monday, April 23, 2012

365 Project: Week Sixteen

My sister-in-law got the boys this Stephen Strasburg bobblehead at a Nationals game.  We're Yankees fans first and foremost, but the Nats are our National League team.

Potty Training:  It begins!  Tuesday was day one.  It's been going pretty well, and we're very proud of our big boy.


I coveted the Liz Lemon necklace for a long time, but I couldn't justify the cost.  I finally got this more affordable version from Etsy a few weeks ago.  The O and the E represent all three of my guys, with one of the letters doing double duty for son and husband.  (No, Dash and Tuck aren't the kids' real names.)

Friday was one of those days when I should have taken tons of great pictures, but I was busy (potty training + cleaning + cooking + picking up Aunt Em from the airport), and I didn't pick up the camera until night was falling, which is never good.  This is the Nelson bubble lamp in our kitchen.

Saturday we were at the farm, and I did get lots of great pictures.  I chose this one of Em because -- let's face it -- the boys are already well-represented enough in the 365 Project.

On Sunday Mr. E got out the superglue and tape and held a clinic for all the boys' broken toys and torn books.  Here he's repairing the arm of a dumpling-head toy (yeah, don't ask me) as Dash looks on.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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