Monday, April 16, 2012

365 Project: Week Fifteen

Red azalea in our yard.  It's completely covered with blooms.

I had a much-needed appointment at the hair salon on Tuesday.  I'm quite happy with the cut.  If only I could blow-dry it as well as the stylists....

A big pitcher of lilacs from my mother's yard.  Our whole living room smelled like them for a few days.

A grin from Tuck during our afternoon outside time.

My trusty backpack and water bottle.  I've been using the backpack as my purse since last fall and I've loved it, but I'm going to switch it out for something more springy soon.

Dash with a big stick of chalk.  That car was fully decorated about two minutes after I snapped this photo.

"Hmmm, tell me more about that."  Tuck during his afternoon snack.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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