Monday, April 30, 2012

365 Project: Week Seventeen

Tuck.  Ever since he started walking he's been an extra-happy little guy. 

I spent much of Tuesday purging and reorganizing our pantry.  I could have shown you a picture of piles of food all over my countertops, but the end result is much nicer.  I threw out some spices that had 2003 expiration dates!

Check out the hole in the knee of Dash's jeans.  He's so proud of it.  I, on the other hand, am wishing I'd bought a few more pairs.  Kohl's doesn't have these any more, and it's hard to find toddler jeans with elastic all the way around the waist.

Dash and Grandma.

When I left the room, Dash was wearing a shirt and underwear.  When I returned, he'd styled himself.

We babysat some friends' daughters on Saturday night.  Four kids = chaos!

Aliums.  My mother secretly planted these for me when I was pregnant with Tuck, and it was such a fun surprise when they popped up in my garden last spring.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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