Friday, May 24, 2013

365 Project: Week Twelve

 For over two years, I'd wanted to get a picture of the boys in their double stroller.  I kept putting it off and putting it off, and I finally did it literally as the person I was selling the stroller to was on her way over to take the thing way.  So here it is.  Farewell, double stroller.

This was our last dinner in the old house.  The packers were due to arrive the next morning.  My brother and sister-in-law came over and we had pizza amidst the chaos -- oh, and finished off the wine in our fridge.  Dash was feverish and clingy and I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions, but looking back it feels like a special moment.  And even though this picture seems random, it perfectly captures the evening for me.  (I suppose I could have taken a shot of Dash throwing up all over the bathroom a few hours later, but let's stick with this.)

Packing day.  After the crew arrived in the morning I had the kids say goodbye to the house and then I drove them down to my parents', where they were going to spend the next few days.  To my surprise, by the time I got back to the house in the middle of the afternoon, the crew was finishing up.  So in the midst of this crazy week, I had the unexpected gift of a long evening to myself.  I took a shower, a nap (unheard-of luxury!), and had a relaxing takeout dinner. 

The moving crew on Thursday was even faster than the packing crew had been.  The house was empty by noon.  Mr. E had come back late the previous night, and he and I cleaned up a bit, grabbed lunch, and headed to my parents' to drop off their car and spend a few minutes with the boys.  Then he and I hit the road for Charleston.  We actually passed the moving van with all our stuff on the highway that night!

Moving-in day in Charleston.  Same boxes, different house.  I supervised the unloading while Mr. E was at work. 

Mr. E and I spent the day in Charleston setting up the boys' rooms, doing some basic unpacking, and waiting for our new washer and dryer to arrive.  Meanwhile, back in Virginia, my dad took this picture of my mom and the boys.  I think Dash is only fake-crying.

On Sunday I took the train from Charleston back to my parents' so I could be at the closing for our Virginia house on Monday.  There were delays, so a trip that was supposed to take under eight hours took over ten (it would have been five in a car).  It snowed much of the way, so it was a pretty trip.  But I'm not the world's biggest fan of trains and I was beyond ready to be out of that one.  I took this with my iPhone after I staggered off.

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