Friday, May 24, 2013

365 Project: Week Thirteen

MORE snow.  I got up on Monday and went to NoVA for the closing on our Virginia house.  I had to stop by the house first to pick up the mail and drop a couple of things off, so I was able to spend a little time walking through the empty rooms and saying goodbye.  A few tears may have been shed.

On Tuesday I packed up the kids and we left my parents' house for West Virginia.  It was a surprisingly emotional drive for me:  sad because we were leaving Virginia and our life there, and happy because the four of us were finally going to be together again.  Despite more snow (!) in the WV mountains, the drive went smoothly.  It was fun to show the boys around their new home.

First breakfast in the new house.  The boys learned their way around quickly, but there was a fair amount of "Mommy, where are you?" during those first few weeks.

They enjoyed rediscovering some lost toys that were found during the unpacking.

After just two days of unpacking, we hit the road again.  Mr. E's dad had a big birthday, and we drove to Illinois for the festivities.  I think we're somewhere in Kentucky here. (iPhone photo)

With Ah-Mah and Ah-Gong at the big party.

Playing with some new toys on Easter morning.

Happy three-day weekend!

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