Tuesday, February 26, 2013

365 Project: Week One

I'm back with the beginning of The 365 Project:  2013 Edition.  I'm using the Ali Edwards 365 overlays again this year, but I'm going to experiment with them a little bit so they won't always have exactly the same look every day.  I think I'll keep the vertical orientation this year, though.

Here we go!

I spent the first day of the year taking down the Christmas tree.  Every year I love handling my ornaments, wrapping them up and putting them away for another year.  This time was a little bit more emotional than usual because the next time I get them out we'll be in a new house.  These are some of my favorites; they're from Sur la Table.

Mr. E's parents arrived in town for a post-holiday visit.

 Cooking with Ah-Mah.  My mother-in-law is an excellent cook and the kids love the food she makes for them.

Happy birthday, Tuck!  My baby is two.

We had the birthday celebration on Saturday.

Ah-Gong loves to fix broken things and has incredible patience.  Here he's working on a wooden puppet that had come unstrung.

I'm going to stick with Mondays-Sundays for my weekly posts, so this first one will be a bit short (only six days).

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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