Monday, December 10, 2012

365 Project: Week Forty-Four

Hurricane Sandy:  The boys and I spent the entire day in the house, listening to the rain and the wind.  We were spared any damage, but it did get incredibly windy here that night.  Or maybe I was just extra-spooked by it because Mr. E was out of town.

Since Mr. E was going to be away for most of the week, the boys and I headed to my parents' for a few days.  This is Dash standing on their couch.  Those skeleton pajamas were hands-down my best purchase of the season.  The kids absolutely love them.

We did our trick-or-treating in my uncle's neighborhood.  That's my dad filling in for Mr. E as the Scarecrow, and my mom is the Wicked Witch.  The boys both "got" Halloween this year and had an absolute blast.

Tuck in my parents' living room.

This is an old gate on the farm.  I love how the whole thing couldn't be more utilitarian, but then there's that nice decorative detail on the top.

Grandma and Dash go together like salt and pepper.

Pine cones on the tree in my parents' front yard.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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