Tuesday, December 11, 2012

365 Project: Week Forty-Five

 Tuck with the roadster and his "work boots."

Election Day.  We voted.

This is Tuck wearing a hat that belonged to Mr. E's grandfather, who recently passed away.

Occasionally I allow the boys to make what they call a "swimming pool," which is a bunch of pillows and stuffed animals piled up on the stair landing.  Then they strip off their clothes and jump off the steps into it.

Invitation and decorations for Dash's third birthday party.  The theme was dinosaurs, in case you can't tell.

The birthday boy.  We had a small-ish party -- just family and two sets of friends -- and it was just the right size, I think.

Aunt K was here for the birthday celebration.  Here she's helping Dash excavate some dinosaur bones from a gift Aunt Em sent.

Happy Tuesday!

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