Monday, June 25, 2012

365 Project: Week Twenty-Three

My mailbox was stuffed with catalogs, plus the July issue of MSL.  I've pared down my catalog "subscriptions" quite a bit because I was never looking at some of them, but I do like browsing.  I rarely go to the mall these days, so it's my version of window-shopping.

Dash strikes a pose in front of the loaded hydrangea bush.

A hydrangea close-up.  They've been particularly beautiful -- and plentiful -- this year.

Tuck tastes his first popsicle.  I made these out of pineapple, banana, and a little fruit juice.  I wouldn't say they were a huge hit, but I'll keep trying.

On safari at the farm.  You can't see what my mom and the boys are looking at here, but it was a bulldozer in action about 30 feet away.  It was kind of like Christmas for the kids.

My sister-in-law visited for the weekend.  Here she and Dash are modeling their matching Cubs shirts.  (iPhone photo.)

Tuck on the tricycle.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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