Monday, March 5, 2012

365 Project: Week Nine

Some toys in the current rotation.   I'm including a lot of the boys' toys and books in the 365 Project because I'm planning to make a photo book at the end of the year.  I think it will be fun for all of us to look back and remember the things they used to play with.

Playing with matchbox cars.  People say you should get down on the same level to photograph kids, and I generally agree.  But I like the overhead perspective here.

Though I decorate with warm colors, I don't normally wear them.  But I couldn't resist these denim ballet flats -- just $24 from Lands' End.  They have a fun, preppy J. Crew feel for a fraction of the price.  I think they'll be a cute shot of color for my feet this spring.

My beloved iPhone:  calendar, Rolodex, communications center, kid entertainer, mommy entertainer, clock, compass, calculator, camera, map, flashlight -- oh, and . . . phone.

Grocery shopping on a blustery March morning (iPhone photo).

Tuck is spending quite a bit of time in that magical pre-walking phase where he wants to toddle around on our fingers constantly.  I'm looking forward to the day he realizes he can do it on his own, but I'm also reminding myself that he'll never be this little again.

I am his mama so I'm biased, but I do think he is an uncommonly beautiful child.

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  1. Your kids are absolutely beautiful!!

    We just transitioned from pre-walking to walking-with-a-lot-of-crashes. They're both fun in their own right!!