Monday, March 12, 2012

365 Project: Week Ten

My sunflower sunburst mirror.  I got this in 2008, back before there were cheap versions everywhere. (Not that mine was that expensive either, but I saw one for $49 the other day.  The shape was a little "off" and the petals didn't look quite the same as mine, but still -- $49!).

We are dealing with a bunch of food allergies in this family.  These dairy-free chocolate chips were a very exciting recent find. 

Look who's standing by himself!  I've even gotten him to take four or five steps on his own in the past week.  But I wouldn't say he's officially walking quite yet.

We spent a sunny, blustery Thursday playing with Grandma at the farm.

Story time at the library (iPhone photo edited with Instagram).

Daffodils in our yard.  I have a long way to go in my outdoor photography, starting with not taking photos at high noon.

Dash was obsessed with Gordon the Big Blue Engine.  We looked in all the stores for him, but finally I had to order him from Amazon.  Definitely the toy of the moment around here.

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