Monday, June 6, 2011

Breakfast Nook Update

Remember way back when, when I showed you my breakfast nook?

I said I was going to get a few more things for the walls, and I finally did.

First, that clock from Target:

I bought it:

Exactly what I wanted.  It's a little retro, but not too crazy.  And it makes the room feel bigger by drawing the eye upward and emphasizing the high ceiling.

Oh, and it tells time!  How like me to put practicality last.  But yes, it's really nice to be able to glance up and check the time while I'm feeding the boys.

I also had these two shiny red picture frames.  (They're from Target, too.  I can't find them online, but I think they're still in stores and in a bunch of yummy, shiny hues.)  I had lots of fun browsing my way around Etsy for some little prints to go in them, and this is what I came up with:

The one on top is this little guy, from Etsy seller Matou en Peluche. I love his playfulness, and the red hearts are just the right touch.

The one on the bottom actually isn't a print.  It's an original oil painting from Etsy seller Nancy Merkle.  And how fantastic is Mr. Rooster?

Extremely fantastic, I say! At $35 plus $6.50 for (insured) shipping, this painting was a little more than I planned to spend. But for an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art that you really love, $42.50 is very reasonable. I read somewhere once that every room should have a piece of original art. I'm not there yet, but it's a nice goal (and Etsy certainly helps make it easy and affordable).

And check out this bird up close:

Isn't he magnificent?

And yes, Em, I put a bird on it.  I went there.

Oh, and see how those frames look like lacquered wood?  Well, I think they do, anyway.  But they're plastic!  And the red part of the clock, which looks like metal?  Also . . . plastic.  And I suppose now would be an appropriate time to point out that the glass over the banana poster is not actual glass, but plexiglass. You'd never know unless you tapped on it.

Heck, even the fancy light fixture is plastic.  Fancy plastic, but still.

So this is what that corner looks like now:

A cat, a rooster, a clock, and some naughty bananas. And plastic.

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  1. Plastic is making a comeback ...

    .. and by the look at the ages of your little ones, you have many, many years of plastic in your future ...