Monday, August 12, 2013

365 Project: Week Twenty-Two

Memorial Day.  I got this flag for Mr. E years ago and we've never been able to display it until now. 

Gotta have shades for yard work.

Let's just say that there's been a lot of peeing in the bushes this summer.


On Friday we packed up the kids and headed back to Virginia for a weekend stay.  We arrived at the farm around dinnertime and of course I got out my camera.

Saturday Mr. E and I left the kiddos with my parents and went to a wedding in Washington, Virginia ("Little Washington").  The festivities were at the famous Inn, and of course everything was amazing and over-the-top and completely perfect.  Good friends, good food, good wine -- and a beautiful sunset over the mountains just as the dancing started under the stars on the outdoor dance floor.  If only every Saturday could be so luxurious.

While in Virginia we got to experience Brood II of the 17-year cicadas in full effect.  The shrieking was unbelievable, and the sheer number of the bugs in the trees -- and dying on the ground -- was a bit gross.  But overall it was neat to see.  Crazy to think that the next time they come out, Dash will be 20!


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