Wednesday, June 12, 2013

365 Project: Week Sixteen

April means my favorite flowers:  grape hyacinths.  I dug up some of the ones in our Virginia yard and brought them with us.  They were originally wild ones from the farm and they smell so much better than the cultivated ones.  I hope they survive in their new spot.

We had a whole lotta work done on our basement:  new drains and sump pump.  It was paid for by the sellers as part of our purchase, and we hope it'll keep things dry down there.  But wow, what a muddy mess.  This was the scene in my laundry room on day one.

Dogwood blossom in afternoon sunlight.

It's a tower of little boys!

 Tuck-face in the bath.

We spent Saturday in Virginia at my cousin's wedding.  My mom made the cake.  Isn't it pretty?

On Sunday Mr. E broke in his new lawnmover!

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