Friday, February 1, 2013

365 Project: Week Fifty-Two

It snowed on Christmas Eve at the farm.  Just a big flurry, but it was really magical to go outside with the boys and share their wonder and excitement.

Christmas Day.  I took a bunch of photos, but somehow this one captured the day best:  blurry and colorful and festive.

Tuck pours tea with my parents' pewter tea set.

Aunt K gave the boys more train track for their Thomas trains, and Mr E lost no time building them a grand layout after we got home.

More of the boys' Christmas loot.  I was trying to make it look like the dinosaur was riding the dragon, but
actually it looks like some Medieval-Paleolithic interbreeding is afoot.  Oh dear.


 Mr E got me a new iPhone for Christmas, and my sparkly champagne-gold case arrived just in time for the New Year's festivities.  

Actually, I didn't attend any New Year's festivities.  But sparkle works for any occasion in my book.

Tuck in profile.

My parents visited on New Year's Eve, and we told them about our decision to move to West Virginia.  It was a bittersweet day, and this is a bittersweet picture:  Our house, decorated with our Christmas lights for the last time.

That's it:  My first 365 Project.  It was a great experience, both for photography-learning and memory-keeping.  I'm already doing another one.

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