Thursday, January 17, 2013

365 Project: Week Fifty

Our card tree early in the season.  The boys were really excited about opening the cards and seeing all the pictures this year.

 Dash.  Oh, how I love Christmas tree bokeh this time of year.  It makes the daily photo such fun.

Tree close-up.  I should probably have my home-blogger card yanked for saying this, but I can't imagine ever having one of those perfectly color-coordinated Christmas trees.  Ours is a hodge-podge of ornaments, and I can tell you a story about almost every one.  I love them all.  This is one we bought on our "baby moon" in Maine when I was pregnant with Dash.

This was a bit of a rough week.  Dash was sick with a terrible cough and pretty much wanted to be held day and night.  Mr E and I were recovering from the same bug, and we were all waiting for Tuck to fall victim.  He eventually did, but he never got it as bad as Dash.

Despite our ailing kiddos, Mr E and I skipped town.  We had planned a Christmastime trip to New York for weeks, and my parents had agreed to babysit (as it turned out, they had no idea what they were in for).  It was my first night away from the kids since I became a mom!  We left Friday evening and enjoyed five hours of adult conversation in the car.  Our hotel was very cool, with these edgy orange trees in the lobby.

Saturday was amazing.  I'm generally not that big of a New York person, but I absolutely love it at Christmastime.  We slept in (yay!), checked out the Empire State Building (where I took this picture), saw the Rockettes' Christmas show, and strolled around midtown.  Saturday night we had a long-awaited dinner at Mario Batali's Babbo and strolled around Greenwich Village before crashing back at our hotel.

We'd planned to take our time returning home, and I was going to pick up the kids from my parents' on Monday morning, but Sunday morning my parents sent up a distress signal.  Dash was still in pretty bad shape and needed his mommy.  So Mr. E and I grabbed brunch in the city and then drove home.  It was wonderful to see my babies.  

These are some silk poinsettias I've had forever.  (And again, Christmas tree bokeh.)

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