Monday, September 17, 2012

365 Project: Week Thirty-Five

This was a great day.  The boys spent the afternoon with my parents, and I spent it at Hobby Lobby my first time there in several years.  I'm so pleased that they opened one in our general vicinity.  I didn't buy much, just a couple of Christmas ornaments.  (They had at least five aisles of Christmas decorations.  In August!)  I got back to the farm in time to join everyone for a nice walk after dinner.

This was a Chinese-language DVD and booklet that we tried for the boys.  It turned out to be pretty lame, so we're going to resell it and try another one.  But the packaging was neat.

Playing with water in the sink.  Sometimes I resort to this to keep them busy while I get dinner ready.

This is what I seem to get these days when I ask Dash to smile for the camera.

I was running errands on Friday morning, and the boys were being so good that I treated them to Slurpees.  A big hit! (iPhone photo)

 Em flew into town on Saturday night.  She and I stopped on the way home from the airport and picked up a takeout feast from one of our favorite local places, The Lebanese Taverna.  We dug in after we put the kids to bed.  Yum.

We had a nice family gathering at the farm on Sunday (sans Mr. E, who had to work).

Happy Monday, everyone!

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