Wednesday, September 26, 2012

365 Project: Week Thirty-Eight

 We were at the farm on this cloudy, cool Monday for a funeral. Sad day, but good to see lots of family.

Tuck and his monster towel.

I planted some creeping jenny last year, hoping it would trail down over this wall.  Boy, has it ever!

I ordered these glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas for the boys from Old Navy.  To say they've been a hit would be an understatement.  They arrived on Thursday afternoon and Dash immediately wanted to wear them outside to get the mail.

We've been getting a LOT of green beans from our farm share.  I like green beans, but I think I'm ready for a little break from them.

Dash pauses to reflect at the top of the slide.

We went to a local pumpkin patch (really more like a mini amusement park) on Sunday afternoon.  What a beautiful weekend it was.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Jack has those same pajamas (from last year) and has worn them so much they have holes in them. He refuses to surrender them. He has a thing for skeletons.