Monday, February 13, 2012

365 Project: Week Six

We were still at my parents' on Monday.  This is part -- a small part -- of my dad's model car collection.

Tuck's newest word is "up," and he's been climbing on everything lately.  Here he's trying to get in Dash's high chair.

Play Group:  The Aftermath.  The boys and I get together with some other moms and kids on a semi-regular basis, and today we hosted at our house.  

Thursday was a lazy day.  Dash had been up with some kind of stomach bug for much of the previous night, and he still wasn't feeling too great.  Both boys took great naps (as did I!), and after they woke up I let them hang out for a while in Dash's crib.  I love the expression on Tuck's face here as he looks at his brother.

Pretend produce (from Ikea).

Happy chaos on Saturday morning in the playroom.  The boys talk to their Chicago grandparents on the iPad around this time every week.

My birthday -- and a good time to reflect on what a lucky girl I am.  That's my wedding ring plus two stacking rings from Heart & Stone with the boys' names on them, a very special Christmas present from Mr. E.  The sweet little bowl is from Paloma's Nest.

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