Monday, February 27, 2012

365 Project: Week Eight

I was sick with a stomach bug all day and not in the mood for photography.  Fortunately it was Presidents' Day and Mr. E was home.  This is a close-up of the chandelier in the playroom (which used to be our dining room, hence the chandelier).

My aunt made this adorable snake scarf for Dash.  He's so proud of it, but also just a tiny bit scared of it at the same time.

Tuck, requesting a book.  So many of the photos I take of Dash don't quite "look like him" to me, but I don't have that problem with Tuck.  His Tuck-ness seems to come through in every picture.

I've had a peace lily for nearly a decade.  It seems to bloom around Christmas each year.  This blossom has lasted nearly two months.

We had been borrowing this toy shopping cart from some friends, and I returned it on Friday.  It's nice to have a great toy, enjoy it, and then get it out of the house.

Tuck.  Lunch.

We went to the National Aquarium on Sunday.  Big crowds, big fish, big fun.  (This is an iPhone photo.)

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