Monday, January 9, 2012

365 Project: Week One

Well, really it's The 366 Project, since it's a leap year. I've decided to document our family's life with one photo a day for the entire year. Lots of other bloggers have done this; Chez Larsson introduced me to the idea, and like Benita did in 2010 I'm using the Ali Edwards 365 overlays to put dates on the photos.

Remembering to grab my camera every single day for the next year will be a challenge, but I'm hoping it will help develop my photography, blogging and Photoshop skills -- all while preserving a record of our year.

I'm thinking I'll post a week a time, probably on Mondays. Here's week one (actually eight days since the year started last Sunday):

We were traveling on New Year's Eve, so Mr. E and I celebrated on New Year's night instead, with red champagne and Chinese takeout.

Taking down the Christmas decorations. When I was young my mother always did this during the day on our first day back at school. I used to think it must be the most depressing task in the world. But she said she didn't mind it, and now that I'm doing it I believe her. It's a nice way to clear away the old and make way for the new.

Oh, and that clear plastic thing in the foreground with the baubles inside? Our Korean grocery packs fruit in them. They're perfect storage for large glass ornaments.

Looking out at the world from the security of the playroom sofa.

Happy first birthday, Tuck! 

The cure for a double case of morning crankiness: Just add water.

Curious George is a very big deal in our house.  We gave Dash the red book for his first Christmas in 2009. Tuck just got the blue one for his first Christmas.

A post-lunch bounce in the Jumperoo.  We will be retiring this contraption soon!

Diaper-clad baby.  Is there anything better?

I'm linking up to Weekend Bloggy Reading at Amanda's (she'll be in my neck of the woods this weekend and I'm interested to hear how her trip to the American Girl store goes).


  1. Fabulous photos!! I really need to hop on board with this idea. I'm just bad at pulling out my camera every day!!

    I love the 1/3 one - so cute!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog (and leaving some comment love :) I'm considering starting a 365 photo project on my birthday next month, so I enjoyed reading your posts on the subject. Plus your chandelier project looks wonderful! You inspire me and I am your newest follower!